Jim Mecir, former major league pitcher for 10 years, will show you and your team how to break through barriers that block success.  His unwavering commitment to succeed under extremely difficult circumstances will inspire you and your team and help you to:

  • Thrive in a constantly changing environment
  • Re-engage and take a pro-active approach
  • Use adversity as an advantage

Jim Mecir was born with a club foot.  He had several childhood surgeries that helped correct his birth defect, but he was left with a right leg that was about an inch shorter than his left, an atrophied right calf, and a fused right ankle.  Despite all of that, he went on to become a Major League pitcher for 10 years.

During his career in the major leagues he was part of the 1996 New York Yankee team that won the World Series.  He also spent 4½ years as a member of the Oakland Athletics, and is portrayed in the book and movie about that team, Moneyball.

In 2003, Jim received the Tony Conigliaro Award, given annually to the player who most effectively overcomes adversity to succeed in baseball.

Let Jim motivate and entertain your audience with his story of perseverance. Everyone relates to Jim’s story because he didn’t start out as a superstar. Jim was a player who worked hard, was determined and dedicated to realize his dream, and he made it to the top. Jim’s inspiring story will hit a home run with your audience in all areas of their lives.

Areas of Expertise

  • Adaptability
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Reaching Your Potential
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation

NEW! Jim has teamed up with Second City improv pro Ellen Schnur. Their laugh on your feet workshops bring together the lessons from Jim’s 10 years on the mound and Ellen’s improv tools to sharpen your teamwork, communication and innovation skills. Click Here for more information on Team Improv!